Rendering Of The NEW GEO Next Generation High School

2121 N. Sherwood Forest Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70815

Some Baton Rouge high schoolers will head to class on a college campus through new charter school

Enrolling 9th Grade for 2020-2021 School Year

  • Certified Teachers
  • Small Classes
  • Individualized Attention
  • Strong, Core Knowledge Academic Curriculum
  • Free college courses
  • Before & After School Programs
  • Transportation Provided
  • Extracurricular Programs & Clubs
  • Free Extended School Day


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Inviting all current parents to join us on Friday at either 9 am or 6 pm for updates:

Inviting all current parents to join us on Friday at either 9 am or 6 pm for updates:

Now Enrolling Incoming 9TH & 10TH Graders for the 2020-2021 School Year!

Apply TODAY #wegotNEXT

Contact us at 225.314.2044 for any and all additional questions!

JUST IN: @BetsyDeVosED announces that students impacted by school closures due to the #coronavirus pandemic can bypass standardized testing for the 2019-2020 school year. More on these broad flexibilities for states ➡️

Corona Virus Updates -

BESE moves to provide clarification and flexibility around #laed policy in response to COVID-19, partners with #lalege House Ed in joint request to Governor for additional statutory relief related to state testing, accountability, attendance. More:

Progress at GEO Next Gen High School Baton Rouge ... awesome drone footage! School should be ready on time. Want in? Enroll today!

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Now Enrolling Incoming 9TH & 10TH Graders for the 2020-2021 School Year!

Apply TODAY #wegotNEXT

Contact us at 225.314.2044 for any and all additional questions!

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If this virus has taught me anything it is to live today to the fullest. And GEO Next Gen HS Baton Rouge will help your students do just that. At our sister school in Gary, Indiana, we have 49 seniors set to graduate in May. Our top 10 grads have already earned at least one full year of college, 3 have earned two full years of college already and one has earned 3 full years of college already. This virus won’t slow them down. They are way ahead of the game. So the question is, are we going to return to traditional ways and expectations when this virus passes? Or, are you interested in a new approach? If you want to get on with your life, enjoy high school while earning real college courses and credits, check out GEO Next Generation High School Baton Rouge. ...

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GEO Prep Academies (GBR) School District Coronavirus Updates...

Closure Information:
All school activities, including athletics, have been postponed or canceled. All public school facilities in the State of Louisiana are closed to students until April 13, 2020

We at GEO Prep Academies of Greater Baton Rouge believe the health, safety, and well-being of our students and staff are our top priorities. The COVID-19 impact on our schools and communities is rapidly changing by the minute, therefore our action plans and response must evolve accordingly. Our campus administrators and district leaders have been in constant communication with our State Department of Education to develop an effective plan for instructional continuity and support for students during the duration of the school closures. As the delivery of learning opportunities for students will involve technology, the district will work with families who may need access to a device at home.

This is truly an extraordinary time, and it has brought challenges for the system of education unlike anything we have ever seen before. While our buildings may be closed to students to maintain social distancing, our goal is to keep students engaged in learning in a number of ways. Our team has been working diligently to develop plans to ensure ongoing learning experiences. Our desire is to keep students engaged in learning even when school is closed.

We appreciate our GEO families and the support they give to our schools. You all serve as critical partners for us as we
provide ongoing learning opportunities for our students during this time. We ‘BELIEVE’ that all of us will rise to the
occasion and work together to protect our community. We will make it through this and become even stronger as a result.

Parents we will continue to provide information and updates, via email, callouts, phone calls and through our school’s websites. Please ensure the school has current contact information and above all else STAY SAFE!

If you have any general questions/concerns feel free to contact Mrs. Sandra Douglas at

or Ms. Kaleisha London at

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Dear GEO Next Gen Families:

I hope you are all staying safe and you have the supplies you need. If you do not have what you need, please reach out to us and we will see what we can do. We are trying to serve and we are trying to protect you and our staff from any coronavirus infection. This is indeed one of the strangest times in history that we are experiencing together.

In addition to checking in with you, I wanted to write and clear up any misunderstandings about school, too. Unfortunately, this is not a break from school. Indeed, the state is expecting all schools to continue to educate, just differently. Today, I received these questions that our school will need to report to the state.

“Exact dates of ELearning or Student Packet work
Content Areas covered
Monitoring/Assurance of completion by students
Ability to stay connected with students for social/emotional wellbeing (priority)
# of students needing connectivity (if known)
Sustainability of meal prep and distribution for long-term shutdown
Ability to sanitize all areas of school prior to student/staff return”

If you don’t have learning packets, please let us know. If you are not able to get to our schools and you need assistance with breakfast and lunch, let us know. And, if you are not able to get through to your teachers, let us know. We are all trying to do our best.

The state is monitoring and trying to support as much as possible during this tough time. And so are we.

Let us hear from you if you are in need of assistance. Thank you and stay safe.

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GEO Next Generation High School's Baton Rouge launching pad is coming along great! That's right, our launching pad is coming along. We launch high school students into successful careers and college opportunities. More than 30% of our current freshmen are taking real college classes at Baton Rouge Community College, too. We are currently enrolling 9th and 10th graders for next year. Where do you want to go? Enroll today! ...

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Interesting reactions to coronavirus. In Indiana, a state with 12 confirmed cases, the Governor gave schools the option to close for up to 20 days. Louisiana has 14 cases and the Governor ordered all schools statewide shut down for a month. In California, where there are 247 cases and 5 deaths, my niece’s school is closed for a week. She lives near the Princess cruise ship, too. And in NYC, where there are 154 cases, the Mayor of NYC orders all public schools to remain open. Wow!

Stay safe!

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Next Generation HS Teacher Codes and eLearning access information is now available... We will announce and update more resources as they become available! ...

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Dear Baton Rouge families,

Due to the coronavirus threat facing our community, in compliance with Gov. John Bel Edward's proclamation, our GEO Academy schools will be closing down as of today, and will re-open no sooner than April 13, 2020.

Our students will be bringing home their "learn from home" packets today, with 10 school days' worth of learning material, and our teachers will be ready to support them over the next weeks as we all adjust to our new learning environment. As you know, this situation is changing quickly, and we will continue to update you as new information becomes available.

We are working with our food provider to continue to provide breakfast and lunch meals for pick up at our school sites. We will have more information available for you on that program soon.

Be well and stay safe,
Kevin Teasley, Superintendent
GEO Academies

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