State Charter Board Approves New GEO School

Indiana Black Expo and Ivy Tech to Partner with GEO’s New School August 30, 2019 Dear Friends: Oh boy! Here we grow again! Today, the Indiana State Charter Board approved by a 6-2 vote our latest charter school application. This application is the result of an invitation from Indiana Black Expo and Ivy Tech Community […]

A Belly Laugh For You and Real Life Story… Enjoy

Just had to share this with you. I’m friends with Jeremiah Tate, a 2012 grad of ours. He posted this on Facebook yesterday with the picture above. “Going on four years at Intel and I still get mistaken as an intern: – “Are you the intern?” – “No buddy, I’m in charge of this project. […]

At Indianapolis-based GEO Academies — It Gets Real

August 20, 2019 Dear Friends: Why do we send our high school students to real college campuses to take real college courses as early as 9th grade? Because … We want to help students believe in themselves. We want our students to see themselves as real college students in real life, not just in their […]

GEO’s 17-year-old PowerPoint Goals Realized in Baton Rouge and Gary

August 16, 2019 Dear Friends: In 2002, GEO earned the right to open one of the first charter schools in Indiana. Indianapolis’s then-Mayor Bart Peterson, and then Charter School Director David Harris, approved our first charter school (and our second). They approved our applications which detailed our aspirations of graduating students from high school on […]