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Yesterday was a great day in Indianapolis! Six students from GEO’s 21st Century Charter School in Gary, Indiana and three students from GEO Next Generation High School Indianapolis, met with the state’s top education leaders including Secretary of Education Katie Jenner and Indiana Higher Education Commissioner Teresa Lubbers. Our students gathered to share their achievements earning college credits and degrees while in our high schools.
The students also met with Indiana House Speaker Todd Huston, Senate Minority Leader Greg Taylor, Gary’s Senator Eddie Melton, and Senate Education Committee Chair Jeff Raatz.
We had freshmen who have earned seven credits already, sophomores who have earned 18 college credits, and juniors and seniors who have already earned a full associate degree while in our high schools speak to the leaders about their accomplishments and future plans after high school.
Commissioner Lubbers recently released a report showing that only 14 percent of Indiana high school students earn more than 24 college credits while in high school. More than 34% of the Class of 2021 at 21st Century Charter School have earned more than 24 college credits with 10% having earned a full associate degree. Next Gen Indy is just getting started but already has 36% of its students completing college credits and on the path to complete their associate degree, too.
If you think I’m excited, I am. Why? Because I’m not talking about what might happen. I’m talking about what IS happening. We made promises years ago. Today, those promises are coming to fruition.
Kevin Teasley
Founder & President
GEO Foundation
P.S. Above is a picture of Commissioner Teresa Lubbers and Education Secretary Katie Jenner with our students from Gary and Indianapolis.

Just had to share this with you.

I’m friends with Jeremiah Tate, a 2012 grad of ours. He posted this on Facebook yesterday with the picture above.

“Going on four years at Intel and I still get mistaken as an intern:
– “Are you the intern?”
– “No buddy, I’m in charge of this project. How can I help you?”
Guess some things never change. 👶🏾 😂”

Now for a little background. Jeremiah is from one of the toughest neighborhoods in Indianapolis. He graduated from our Indianapolis high school in 2012 at age 16 having already earned more than 30 college credits. He went on to earn a scholarship to attend Rose Hulman. He graduated from college in 4 years time with an engineering degree and was recruited by Intel to be an engineer right out of college. He is living his best life! So proud!


Kevin Teasley


GEO Foundation

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