Covid-19, George Floyd, Depleted State Budgets? Does GEO Fit In?

Every once in a while, it’s worth sitting back and taking a look at what’s going on around you. Seems like some times we move so fast that we lose track of the progress we are making and we don’t consider the immenseness (is that a word?) of what we are doing.
I got into this battle to help low-income families access quality schools. That was the big goal. But there are lots of other incremental goals that take place along the way to achieving the big goal. One of those goals is having a building to do your work.
So, it is with that in mind, that I present to you the pictures below and above. The picture above is the new home of GEO Foundation on Meridian Street in Indianapolis. We moved in right before the pandemic started last year, then all of us went home. :) Even still, this is quite a long way from my living room where GEO began in 1998.
Below are pictures of the schools we’ve started in Gary, Indianapolis, and Baton Rouge. We now have 10 campuses altogether. Five in Gary, one in Indianapolis, and four in Baton Rouge. Kind of hard to believe, really.
But, when you serve 3,600 students in these cities, you have to have a place for them to learn. And we are not done, yet. We’ve been invited to start more schools in Baton Rouge. And Texas continues to beckon us.
While I appreciate the invitations, the goal remains the same–to provide high quality education to underserved families. The goal is NOT to have a bunch of mediocre schools. Nope! So, we don’t start new schools until our current ones are standing on their own feet and producing great results.
I can tell you that our current schools are doing just that, too. From “Top Gains” schools in Baton Rouge, to our top graduation rates and college and career readiness ratings in Indiana, our schools are kicking it. That’s why more invitations are coming in. Pretty exciting.
For now, I’ll leave it there. Enjoy these pictures. Yes, they are just buildings. But they are more than that in the communities we serve. They are places where hope begins and goals are realized. Not just a proposed PDF plan, but real evidence of great work being done.
Thanks for being our friend throughout all these years. Thanks for believing in us. Let’s keep changing the world together!
Kevin Teasley
Founder & President
GEO Foundation

Dear Friends,

The students in the picture above were kindergartners in our Gary school back in 2007-8. This year, many of them were still with us and graduated in May (pictured below). What a life they have endured so far, and this year is no different….ok, maybe it is VERY different.

Many of these children were born during 9/11. This year, they have endured a pandemic that has changed everything we know about a traditional way of life. Add to the pandemic the unrest and protests surrounding police and race issues (everyday life for many of the families we serve), and now, the challenges states face meeting their budgets and you have a real recipe and demand for a change in just about everything we do. Where does GEO fit in? Do we?

GEO is built to meet these challenges. Our network of schools are nearly pandemic proof. How? We support students growing educationally at a pace faster than traditional expectations. This past year, while many of the nation’s high school students lost ground educationally, our high school students excelled and some earned as many as 59 college credits in one year. We had 56 students in our Gary high school of roughly 300 students earn an average of 17.5 college credits during the Covid-19 school shut downs. In Baton Rouge, 30% of our inaugural freshman class earned nearly 12 college credits. These students didn’t lose ground. They closed the achievement gap.

Empowering students to do more than tradition expects, positively changes the dynamics in communities. For example, during the George Floyd protests, our students were speaking out against looting and riots and promoting peaceful protests and participating in constructive conversations.

GEO’s model can help states address their budget issues, too. While Covid-19 cuts into state tax revenues and K12 budgets, GEO’s model focuses on student needs and that’s why we achieve K-14 (and K-16) results with K-12 dollars. We stretch tax dollars to get as much education as possible for our students. Students benefit. States benefit. Taxpayers benefit.
So whether you are looking for a unique school approach focused on outcomes (not inputs) to addressing the Covid-19 crisis and not only keeping up with the achievement gap but closing it, or you are looking for a meaningful way to address continued racial equity and inequality issues, or you are trying to help states meet their budgetary obligations, I think GEO fits in. We are ready to expand, and indeed we are. We are opening a new school in Indianapolis in August, expanding our enrollments in Gary and Baton Rouge and we are talking to leadership in other states about unique school district partnerships, too. Please let me know if you want to help us expand.

Yes, it’s fun changing the world together! Join us. You will be glad you did!


Kevin Teasley

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